Who We Are

Hi, welcome to Giftrete.com! A foundation inaugurated with a base line of non-profitable benefits but a perception to accompany humanity to give and take free items in their environs and anywhere in the globe.

GiftRete is a sustainability website specialized in reducing house hold waste and making a reuse of valuable items to avoid the need for landfills. We are a platform with over 240,380 registered users worldwide.

Our name GiftRete is a combination of the words Gift and Rete. In English language, Rete means "Network" when combined, it means GiftNetworking.

GiftNetworking allows our users to easily and simply incorporate on their activities, the latest trends in sustainability such as United Nations’ sustainable Development Goals (SDG); Goal 12. (Responsible Consumption, the 3Rs- Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and circular economy.Individuals, councils, corporations, agencies and charities benefit of our features to achieve sustainable and measurable waste reduction.

To become a member, Sign Up with us, create a Wishlist, join and create a community to interact with friends and lots more. Membership is Free, Have Fun!

Sharing Unwanted Items

Both donors and recipients post items they need or have to give, free of charge, such as Furnishings, TVs, Electrical appliances/Gadgets and Clothes. Sustainability challenge addressed: 1/3 of items sent to landfills all over the world could be reutilised.

For example,as of 2006,the united states produced around 236 million tons of waste annually. In 2007,the United States produced 254 million of tons of garbage. Alarmingly, the average American throws away nearly 7 pounds of trash on a daily basis,according to Planet Thoughts. The U.S consumes 30 percent of the world's resources despite making up only 5 percent of the worlds population. It also produces 30 percent of the worlds waste.

In only a year,Americans throw away around 26,800,000 tons of food, 8,550,000 tons of furniture and furnishings, 6,330,000 tons of clothing and footwear and tons of other waste. Unfortunately,80 percent of all items that are produced in the United States are only used once and then discarded,and 95 percent of plastic and 50 percent of all the aluminum beverage cans that are thrown away never get recycled. Among the waste generated in the EU-28 in 2016,100 million tonnes, 4.0% of the total were classified as hazardous waste. compared with 2010 ,4.6% more hazard waste was generated in 2016 in the EU-28 which is an increasing in quantity terms fro 96.0 to 100.4 million tonnes.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the World Bank 2012 Urban Development series publication stated that waste generation is approximately 62 million tonnes a year with each person generating an average of 0.65kg per day. by 2925,the report projected that the urban waste generation in the region will be 161.27 million tonnes annually.

As a result of globalization the quantity and generation rate of solid waste in Africa have increased tremendously and this calls for the need to salvage the situation before it gets out of hand. Waste management in Africa is faced with numerous challenges and recommendations for improved `and efficient solid waste management have been proposed. Total waste in the world is enormous.

Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. This stunning amount of waste is partly because 99 percent of the stuff we buy is trashed within 6 months. Some of it is recycled but a lot is simply dumped,causing problems for people and the environment.

Wishlists For New Gifts

Users create lists with the new gifts they want to receive on occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, father's and mother's days, and share them with their social networks.

Community Creation

Users can create communities in our website, allowing them to use the sharing and Wishlist features within a closed group. All it requires is a user, who will be the administrator, and a list of emails to invite. It also allows the use of logos to further customize groups. The ability to create groups and our sharing and Wishlist features make Giftrete particularly useful to.

Sustainability Reporting

Corporations or council that want to engage its members on sustainability can easily use Giftrete to implement, monitor and measure its impact. Moreover, our team can happily create customized fields and reports for those organisations that want to capture and report ESG Environmental, Social and Governance data.

Sustainability Education

Schools/Institutes and civic centres can use our community for sharing Wishlist features to educate youngsters on the benefits of sustainability.

Humanitarian Crisis

Giftrete´s community and sharing features help earthquake, hurricane, flood and fire victims in two ways. Shortly after these events, rescue and emergency teams can post and share their needs, such as bottled water or medicament, in a simple way. During the rebuilding phase, users can post what they need to have to live normal lives again, such as mattresses or furniture, so that donors can provide them.

White Label Software

Charities and other organisations who need to foster waste reduction and responsible consumption among their members can easily incorporate our technology on their websites. That creates immediate positive impact with requiring the heavy expenditure in technology.